Emotional Spending Vs Spending – What is the Difference?

Little do people know that the way they utilize their money is a reflection of their emotions and thoughts. To understand more clearly, it is just safe to say that you manage your money based on how you feel and think. For instance, your emotions and thoughts are not balanced, you are most likely to end up in unbalanced spending. The same is also true with addictive behavior and irrational decision making. Who would ever want these?

The Way it Works

Any person who comes with an emotional issue, or a pessimistic thought form, is most likely clueless about the way it has to be resolved. For most of the time, they would utilize the money to paper over the issue until it reaches their subconscious mind. A good example of this goes out to individuals who think that they are better off with some other kind of job. Even if they are making enough at present, Since they perceive their situation as a struggle, they would occasionally buy things to treat themselves. This is an alarming mindset. This is not the only way to feel better.

Do not get this wrong though. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while. You just have to make the intentions very clear – if you purchase because you want to reward yourself for a job well done, and then that serves its purpose. However, if it is meant to fix a negative emotion, that may be another. You are not really dealing with the problem.

Understanding Addictive Behaviour

In here, the term “addictive” is used only to refer to a behavior which is almost synonymous with being into drugs and alcohol. This is when trauma occurs as a result of a negative emotion which may be quite hard to resolve. Afterward, the emotion would just be there in the body. It has the ability to resurface which may bring about negative feelings later on.

If you are to put it in the context of money, it refers to the habit of buying things that would gratify you. You would only know that it is a hit because the euphoria may wear off right away but you still feel the problem to be existing. Now, how do you deal with this kind of issue, if ever you are actually facing one? There are points to ponder. Take note of these:

  • We may spend money unconsciously. This shows that you spend money as a reaction to a thought or feeling. It should not be this way because it has to be a conscious decision. Make it!
  • When you are up to buying things, do not be afraid to write down what you actually purchase. When it comes to small and frequent purchases, your transactions will show you how much you spend. It would not hurt to be knowledgeable about this. It is just reasonable to do so!

These are just some of the thoughts you may want to ponder on about money!

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